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Common Household Electrical Problems

    Electricity is something many of us often take for granted. When you need it, you turn to the nearest switch or outlet, and there it is, ready and waiting 24/7. Electricity lights up our homes, keeps us cool, and powers all the appliances and technologies that we cannot live without.     Yet, electricity can

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Permanent Backup Generators 101

    If you have ever experienced an extended power outage during a storm or utility equipment failure, you know that it can be extremely uncomfortable. Around here, you never know if the power will be out for hours or even days. A permanent backup generator can supply your home with temporary power to keep your family preoccupied – we mean, comfortable – until the power comes back on.    

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Signs Your Drain Needs Cleaning

    You might not think about your home’s plumbing system until something goes wrong — like a blocked toilet that floods the bathroom!     Even if you have noticed the warning signs of slow-flowing drains, you may not realize that it’s time for a drain cleaning to prevent backups and damage.     Our plumbers at Best Home Services discuss the top five warning signs that your home’s

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Air Conditioner Mistakes to Avoid

  When the summer sun is heating things up across Florida, it is a relief to know you have a cool and comfortable home where you can escape. A well-functioning system is a necessity!    Prevent a breakdown this summer and avoid these common air-conditioning mistakes…      Mistake #1: Not Changing The Air Filter    At the bare minimum,

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