How To Prepare Your HVAC System for Fall

  When it comes to your HVAC system, preventative maintenance is key to keeping it running efficiently year-round. Be proactive and get your HVAC system ready for the upcoming fall season. With any preventative maintenance, you are less likely to need a large system repair or run into any issues as the seasons change.   Get your Southwest

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How to Tell if Your AC is Running Efficiently

  When your air conditioner is not functioning as it should, many things can happen — and they aren’t good. Your house will feel too warm, your energy costs/bills may rise, and it can cause quite a bit of discomfort for everyone!     Trust us, having a well-functioning AC that runs smoothly season after season makes a big difference. Watch for these common signs that your air conditioning system

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Air Conditioner Mistakes to Avoid

  When the summer sun is heating things up across Florida, it is a relief to know you have a cool and comfortable home where you can escape. A well-functioning system is a necessity!    Prevent a breakdown this summer and avoid these common air-conditioning mistakes…      Mistake #1: Not Changing The Air Filter    At the bare minimum,

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